Your backyard shouldn't
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But this is where  many of us have gotten sick.  I hope you'll learn something from this website that will help you and your family stay safe.

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Research News--I'm working on two drug development projects​​

The first project is a joint venture between Duke, Johns Hopkins, and Tulane which was fully funded by the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation.  The goal is to use a specialized high thoughput proteomics platform to find new drugs to treat Lyme and bartonella.  It's the same precision medicine technology used to find drugs for cancer and HIV, only this time it's finally turned toward eradicating Lyme and Bartonella.  And we already have lots of initial hits!

The second project is further along in that we're ready to go forward with drug formulation and laboratory testing.  I'm working alongside Dr. Neil Spector of Duke, Dana Parish, Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt and his team from Galaxy Diagnostics and NC State, and too many others to list here.  We're developing what we believe will be a game-changing drug for the treatment of bartonella and Lyme, made possible by this joint-development effort involving some of the smartest folks from academia, the private sector, and the non-profit world, 

First, we plan to demonstrate in the test tube that we can eradicate these bacteria after they've infected cells.  If all goes well, then it's on to an animal study, and from there, human trials.  This project is not yet fully funded, but we're getting closer, thanks in part to our publicly announced co-funding partnership with Lyme Connection, a premier non-profit Lyme foundation under the auspices of the Town of Ridgefield, CT.  Unlike general pool donations where you don't know where your donation is going, with our co-funding effort, the following link specifically directs that donations go toward developing this new drug:   Click Here to Make a Tax Deductible Donation to Fund Our Research 

A lot more has been happening!~Here's a great way to keep updated!  

Below is the Facebook page I set up with Dana Parish to host a series of educational videos about Lyme, bartonella, and the other co-infections.  Please like the page and spread the word~Ignorance about this disease is half the battle!

Big News~We're writing a book together!  We're going to tell our personal stories and provide the book on what you need to know to get through these illnesses and come out the other side.   The projected release date is Spring 2019!

A Few More Videos

  1. Dr. Neil Spector
    Renowned Duke University oncologist and best selling author tells his personal story of Lyme disease and how he lost his heart to the illness
  2. Dr. Steven Phillips--Autophagy
    New research with potential applications to neurodegenerative illness, infection, cancer, and aging.
  3. Dr. Steven Phillips--Lyme & Co-Infections
    2013 Lyme Connection Conference at Western Connecticut State University
  4. Dr. Neil Spector, TED Talk
    Duke oncologist talks about how he lost his heart to Lyme disease and discusses pitfalls of how medicine is currently practiced
  5. Lyme & Reason
    30 minute prime time TV special focusing on Lyme disease
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